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Global Business Services

Karvy Global is a leading Business Process and Knowledge Services Company, focuses on delivering knowledge based business solutions for its clients and provides an innovative framework of solutions that are directly tied to improving bottom line results.

We serve investment banks, insurance providers, brokerages, hedge funds, research agencies, and life settlement providers across the United States, Middle East, and Europe. Our clients have found their cost advantage, ability to scale efforts, and specialist knowledge regarding emerging markets to be a strong advantage in the new, fast, and unpredictable world.

Our areas of focus include equity research, investment banking support, commodity research, business research and specialized transaction processing services in BFSI & Healthcare verticals.

Services Provided By Karvy Fintech

Investor Services:

Karvy Fintech as a transfer agent performs myriad activities such as:

  • Countersigning securities upon issuance
  • Monitoring the issuance of securities with a view to prevent unauthorized issuance
  • Registering the transfer of such securities
  • Exchanging or converting securities
  • Transferring recorded ownership of securities by bookkeeping entry without the physical issuance of securities certificates
Mortgage Services:

Karvy Fintech offers full spectrum support to mortgage companies including:

  • Origination
  • Servicing
  • Audit
  • Default
  • Real-estate management for all kinds of mortgage loans (home and commercial)
  • Portfolio management
Legal Services:

Benefits of LPO firms outsourcing legal services to Karvy Fintech:

  • Out-source basic back-end processing and advanced legal services
  • Including class action administration
  • Out-source advanced services pertaining toIntellectual property rights, legal research, commercial contracting, administration etc.
  • Free resources to earn higher margins by handling high-end critical legal work
  • Money Market Investment
Finance and Accounting Services:

Karvy Fintech’s Finance and Accounting services offer stability in a volatile environment by:

  • Helping to make bottom line more predictable and sustainable
  • Providing framework to improve processes
  • Facilitating greater financial stability
  • Complete end-to-end book-keeping and financial data management
  • Supporting all the needed MIS for the LFO