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Global Fund Services

Karvy Fintech has been constantly adapting to the complex global AMC requirements in a seamless manner, considering the diverse business and regulatory requirement across geographies. Established presence across the globe and built strong and compliant business processes. As an RTA service provider, Karvy Fintech is attracting a lot of traction in the global markets across geographies. Karvy Fintech over time, emerged as the right partner for providing solutions for global AMCs. Through its superior technology platform, Karvy Fintech takes care of your complete Transfer Agency Operations, Fund Accounting and Alternative Asset services. Meeting all regulatory requirements, thereby enabling you to stay focused and concentrate on your business obligations.

KFPL offers end-to-end services to investors and distributors of mutual funds.It renders financial services to 30 AMCs globally and more than 45 million investors with over 3,000+ mutual fund schemes. Company offers 24/7 services to stakeholders through a wide range of delivery channels, service centers, BPO centers, investor / distributor online services, SMS, email and snail mail. Following services are being offered as part of Mutual Fund Transfer Agent services:

Services Provided by Karvy Fintech:

Employee Provident Fund Schemes:
  • EPF Regulatory Reporting
  • EPF Client Account Maintenance
  • ePPA Feed Files
  • EPF Account Maintenance
  • Disbursement Controls
Private Retirement Schemes:
  • Client Registration and Contribution
  • Client Account Maintenance
  • Transaction Processing
  • PRS Regulatory Reporting
  • Bond & Fund Income
Cash/Money Market Schemes:
  • Short-term Market Investment support
  • Money Market Investment
Alternative Assets:
  • Real Estate and Capital Investments
Regions Currently Servicing:
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Middle East
  • Phillippines
  • Maldives